October 19, 2019
3 months and 4 days left
until our reunion.
Charming:  No one notice, or thought to comment that I don't know anything about music....

Considering I implied that "Wrappers Delight" was disco music, when clearly it wasn't, (but no one has time to fritter away on a website, um.)  I orginally chose Donna Summer's "Bad Boys" because Le Chic's "Freak Out" still nauseates me to this day an example of disco music.  But disco wasn't the only thing we had to endure, that and falling, man-made objects from the sky, we had to endure: HAIR BANDS:

Image result for 1980s fashion       A critical eye would note the tell-tale arm tatoo demonstrates this image is a fake too.  Aside from camp survivors and the occassion sailor's tatoo, I do not recall seeing anyone with a tatoo at IU. (Now I dred every weekend night my teenagers come home (right, late-bloomer anyone) with a future regret or their boyfriend/girlfriend's name tatooed on their neck.)  No, my kids do not read this....

So having survived this fashion abomination:

Image result for 1979 fashion trends and this  Image result for 1979 fashion trends
We were left with this:

Image result for boy george culture club 80s     Which became that:    Image result for boy george culture club 80s

And not to get into politics here, but....  I would like to thank all the former "1970s stoners" in Springfield, Illinois for turning me into the world's biggest hypocrite in front of my kids....
Image result for Illinois cannabis law passed
and now we have this:

Image result for illinois budget debt
So please, come across the border, buy a bag and don't sell your Illinois State, municipal bonds, they aren't worth more than our soon to be most lucurative crop anyway.  (This has been a public service announcement from this site.) 

Darn, on reflection I realized that the above image is too small to see that Illinois has the worse "funding gap" of all the midwestern states.  With exception of California and Arizona, Illinois is the worst in spending what we don't have.  We won't allow our children to do this, why are we allowing the legistrature?   Oh No!   I've become my Dad!

Back to our story.   Stop being wishy-washy, sign in and join us.

Image result for indiana university bloomington
Basic plan for now:

Friday, Oct. 18th
Meet at Nick’s:   Once we know who is coming in and when we can set this up.  I am assuming Friday is a travel day for most everyone.  If it looks like there are logistical issues, I don't mind blowing off work on Thursday and coming down early (a chance to make my wife re-live my colleges days.  She was a Buckeye, and OSU does not sound like it was as much fun as IU was back then.)

Saturday, Oct. 19th – If the game is at noon
Time: 11:30am
Location: DeVault Alumni Center
Food: Taco Bar - Nacho chips, beef, chicken, assorted toppings, rice, black bean salsa
Price: $30 per person
TV with game on provided We’ll have blank nametags that people can write their names if they want.  (Yeah, that's gonna' be necessary in my case.  I haven't seen hair on my head since the late 90s, so I may well be completely unrecognizeable to most of you.  I certainly don't see myself, as I remember me, when I look in the mirror.)

Saturday, Oct. 19th – Dinner at the Union
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Georgian Room at the IMU
Menu: Steak, fish, or vegetarian options
Open bar
DJ spinning 80s Disco music
Price: $85 per person

At this point we should be close to 30 mark.  With luck the fence-sitters will come forward. 

Swag Item

A traditional Crimson and White (Pearl?) IU sweatshirt with hood.

Hotel info: They will release these holdings on September 18th! Important date to remember
IMU-              Dates of Block: October 18th – 20th
-              35 rooms
-              Room Types: Choice of 1 Queen or 2 Queens
-              Rate: Depending on room type $149.00 or $189.00 for 1 queen or 2 Queens
-              Rooms not reserved will be released without penalty and without notification A September18th – We might be able to extend this closer to.
-              Code: TETER19
The Graduate
-              October 18th - 20th
-              20 rooms
-              $189 a night
-              King and Double Queens available
-              Block closes: September 18th
-              Code: TETER19
Total prices:
Lunch: $30
Dinner: $85
Gifts provided, DJ provided
Hotel stay two nights: Roughly $350
Total for the weekend roughly: $465

Image result for indiana university bloomington student union

Please add your name to the "RSVP" list so that we are able to get a head count.  Please note the counter at the bottom of this page shows over 1051 visitors to this site, because this will be a great weekend and a chance to relax and to have fun.
Join the Treasure Hunt for Friends. 

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